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Learning & development

Learning, developing & excelling

All of our employee owners are empowered and encouraged to actively engage with the business through our employee ownership trust status. But our commitment doesn't stop there.

We know that the provision of high quality learning and development is integral to engaging employees, supporting them in the development of a long-term careers, and delivering the best possible level of service to our clients.

Our dynamic environment gives our people a great opportunity to accelerate their learning, tackle new challenges, and take on new responsibilities while being fostered by a collaborative working approach.

We share the concept of 'One Agilisys' with all our employees: a common mission, vision and set of behaviours promoting cross-organisational relationships that foster learning and growth.

Individual development

Individuals are supported in their understanding and ability in four critical areas: customer satisfaction, financial capability, business growth and managing people. Each year business unit, team and individual objectives are aligned to each core area, and a full learning and development programme is provided to support their achievement. Programme design varies from individual e-learning, through structured courses, to employee-led action learning forums and project teams.

Broader learning opportunities

The learning and development calendar continues to evolve through the year as specific needs and requests arise, addressing a range of issues including industry specific skills, broad sector and customer knowledge and generic management and leadership capability. We specifically ensure that the Agilisys culture and values are understood and reflected in our all programmes, setting out how our values, Passion, Innovation and Integrity, are translated into key behaviours and disciplines and providing the opportunity to practice and receive feedback in a safe environment.

Sharing success

In addition to the career development our programmes offer to our employees, we are also delighted to see the Agilisys clients also benefit, not just through the quality of service supported by this approach, but also by our ability and willingness to deliver many of our these programmes directly to their employees.