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Making the NHS 'of the internet'

Sponsored by Agilisys, Blenheim Chalcot hosted the second in their series of events, this time in London, bringing together a collection of health technology leaders to discuss what the future of healthcare might look like.

With a keynote speech delivered by Hadley Beeman, Chief Technology Advisor to Matt Hancock and NHSX, Acting Chief Technology Officer, the stimulating and thought-provoking debate showcased the passion and commitment of many in the room. During the event Hadley shared three of NHSX’s priorities and how they will enable a ‘digital’ NHS:

  1. Interoperability NHSX is a joint unit between the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), NHS England and NHS Improvement and the department has direct oversight over NHS Digital. Bringing all the levers, spending and activities together under one set of decision making, making integration and interoperability much smoother.
  2. Building a decent data architecture Having this in place ensures that building applications is much easier. This will allow suppliers to use data more effectively than the NHS could do itself, creating a single view of the user by designing and building user journeys.
  3. Rules can be powerful when set correctly NHSX needs to have the authority to design rules for interoperability but shouldn’t set the directive around what ‘good’ looks like as every place is different.

Hadley posed to the room: ‘As an organisation, NHSX must consider the following to be successful’

  • How do we ensure that NHSX isn’t the bottleneck?
  • How do we continue to talk about cloud computing and shift from managed services, to lots of different services that interact with each other?
  • How do we cope with making rules together that affect your organisation and your business?
  • What are the required procurement rules and policies for suppliers?