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Rethinking approaches to transformation: Discover

Rethinking digital transformation: A four part series

The ‘Rethinking digital transformation’ series provides organisations with a clear path to successful transformation. For expert advice around getting your change programme right from the outset, sign up to the series now.

Before an organisation embarks on a transformation journey, it must understand certain fundamentals about its culture, what it’s looking to deliver, and how it will monitor progress. These parts of a transformation programme are often undervalued or taken for granted, but they have the potential to determine the success or failure of the whole programme.

In the first part of our ‘Rethinking digital transformation’ series we look at the ‘Discover’ phase and what must be done to ensure the programme achieves its objectives and delivers lasting change.

Discover front cover


Read the article for insight from Agilisys’ transformation experts on the essential steps that need to be taken before embarking on a transformation programme.