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Go further faster on the journey to ‘digital-first’ engagement

North Somerset Council’s digital transformation has improved citizen engagement and has saved the council over £800,000 on citizen support services.

 North Somerset Council transformed the way it communicates with citizens by launching a range of online services, reducing the demand on traditional engagement channels. Agilisys supported the council with their ambition to shift both staff and citizens to a ‘digital-first’ approach; enabling the councils’ teams to drive uptake of new digital channels by effectively communicating with their citizens and embedding a new working culture focusing on giving high-quality guidance and advice to the community.

These improvements have reduced reliance of costly traditional support channels, so far saving over £800,000.

The council now aims to have more than 70% of households signed-up online by 2020.

Find out how North Somerset Council launched more efficient and responsive online services without disrupting the day-to-day and making significant cost savings.